About a Blogger

So my name’s Beth, and I want to be a science teacher.

I have finally reached (hopefully) the end of a very drawn-out application process to complete my initial teacher training in a school-centered environment.

I spent three years full-time in the wedding industry before taking the leap and jumping ships to education. I like to think my time looking after bridezillas has set me up well for tackling pushy parents, working with the governments miniscule budgets, and staying up all night setting up the dining hall.

I like cooking food, eating food, and looking at menus. I also enjoy science  (chemistry in particular) and judging fun dog shows in my spare time. My favourite book is The Hobbit, and my favourite film changes each week. At the time of writing it is Pocahontas.

I live in the UK, and am a Northerner born and bred. My favourite teacher was my high school maths teacher (although he doesn’t know it), and my specialist subject on mastermind would be the royal family.

Also, Han shot first.