Welcome to Limbo

I’m in limbo. A strange cartwheeling in-between. Not quite a teacher (not even quite a trainee) but no longer unrealised. In August I will be embarking on a school-centred initial teacher training scheme, and it feels SO good to know for sure. And yet… I’m free-falling. This is something I’ve yearned for since I was a child. I can feel my fingers scraping the fringes, but I’m terrified for the smack to ground that I know will eventually hit.

Well that sounds a bit cheesy. However:

The next year is going to be such a major part of my life (and hopefully not a complete failure), I felt I owed myself a record. So what better than a blog? I want something I can look back on in twelve weeks (when I start my course), 12 months (when I finish it), and twelve years (when I’ll be 35 and drowning in pinot grigio). I want to track my progress, and maybe someone will stumble upon this and find it useful.

Of course, I’d love to make my millions blogging about life teaching, but I know this will probably be compounded by my terrible writing and by how all of my free time will soon be engulfed with lesson plans and marking and falling asleep at my desk. So I’ll settle for helping an undergrad decide teaching is their way forward, or an applicant to write their personal statement, or even a fellow trainee having a bad day to know they’re not alone (because I know there will be some shocking days). And if you want to get in touch, please do. A good teacher is always open to ideas!


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